Samuel Ramos British Gymnastics Champion 2013 on DMT under 13

Sam Ramos gymnastics ChampionOn the 6th & 7th July 2013 City of Liverpool Gymnastic Club competed at the LG Arena in Birmingham for the prestigious 2013 British Championships Titles in Age Groups Categories and Senior Men & Woman Trampoline Gymnastics!  The Club come away with a tonne of medals including many British Champions making them number 1 in the Country, something worth celebrating!
Some of the British Champions at the Club included; Senior Title Nicole Short GOLD (DMT which stands for Double Mini-Trampoline)  Nicole will now go onto to Represent GB at the World Championships in Colombia later on this month)  Although Nicole has been a Gymnast for many years She’s only been training in DMT for 12 Months so Her achievements at the British Championships where outstanding!
Junior Titles; Rhys Northover GOLD (DMT & SYNCHRO) Rhys Northover was also presented with the Paul Luxon award for form and won another Silver medal in the Individual Trampoline section of the Competition so an amazing weekend for him!
Ben Atkins GOLD (SYNCHRO), Daniel Sale GOLD (SYNCHRO).  Ben Atkins & Daniel Sale pulled off a beautiful routine at the LG Arena were they had to perform gymnastic moves on the Trampoline in unison!  Synchro takes many hours of training to perfect and you could of heard a pin drop whilst the two boys were executing their moves at the Arena!
 10 Year old Samuel Ramos the youngest 2013 British Champion at the Club won GOLD for (DMT)! This was Samuel Ramos’s very first British Championships and to come away with a gold medal in the under 13 years category was just brilliant!  Hot on Samuel’s heels was His talented Team mate 9 Year old Jamie Canning who won a fantastic silver Medal in the same category!
Looking forward to the Rio Olympics 2016
All the Gymnasts have exciting futures ahead of them and in particular Men’s Trampoline Gymnast Luke Strong who came away with a Silver Medal at the Championships  and Senior Woman Trampoline Gymnast Emma Smith who won a bronze medal!Emma smith scored 53.180 with the winner scoring being just 53.530 ahead of her, so you can see just how close Emma was to winning the Title!  Both Luke and Emma qualified for the finals in first place!
 Luke and Emma are part of the 2016 Olympic Cycle and are training 6 days a week to make the Olympic GB Team!  All the Gymnasts train mostly 6 days a week and this just shows how dedicated and commitment they are to their sport.
Other medalists at the Club include Olivia KennyBethan Williams & Bradley Hampson