City of Liverpool trampoline club – Samuel Ramos Trampoline

City of Liverpool trampoline club


After the London 2012 Games inspired a whole new generation…. lets now Meet the new kids on the block at “City of Liverpool Gymnastic Club” Samuel Ramos & Jamie Canning!!!!!!!!!!! 

It doesn’t take a genius to workout that City of Liverpool Gymnastic Club have been produced amazing Gymnast for many Years, with some of their Elite Senior Gymnasts already thinking ahead and training hard for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio!!!

But isn’t it always exciting when new talent comes knocking on the Door… and this time its in the form of 9 Year old’s Samuel & Jamie!!!!  Two young boys from Liverpool who have been going from strength to strength since they started training at the Club 12 months ago!!! 

Big Competitions for the Boys after they make the Trampoline Grade and Qualify……..
Quote from Head Trampoline Coach “Jay Scouler”  It’s a really exciting time for Gymnastics in Liverpool, both in our Elite Programmes of Trampoline and Woman’s Artistic  as were continuing to build upon the successes of Liverpool’s Olympic Medalist Beth Tweedle and all the other Gymnasts that have come out of Park Road in recent years.  Samuel came from a Sport called Tumbling Gymnastics while Jamie came through the Trampoline Academy Sessions.  The Boys are a real success stories having qualified in all 4 of their regional Grades 1st time round!!!!!  
After Samuel and Jamie sailed through the qualifying stages earlier on in the Year, they now have their first National level Competition in Hull at the end of March to look forward too and then onto The “British Championships”, taking place at the NEC Birmingham in July!

Quote from Jamie Canning….  I love being a Gymnasts and doing Trampoline Gymnastics,  I really want to do well at the Competition in Hull and Birmingham! 

Best of Friends….

Samuel and Jamie are both very Competitive with each other, but at the end of each training session they are the very best of Friends and its just as well they get along, because aside from competing in “Individual Trampoline” they have now been paired up to do “Synchronized Trampoline” which will involve the Boys having to performing gymnastic moves in unison! This will take many hours of training for the boys to perfect, but with the Boys being so dedicated to their sport I’m sure they will handle it extremely well!  

Quote from Samuel Ramos…  “I always try to do my best in training and I’m so happy to be doing bigger Competitions with my Team Mate Jamie!

9 Year old Samuel Ramos was also the 2012 winner of a prestigious “Nickelodeon TV Award” for His outstanding Gymnastic Skills!


Samuel and Jamie are two really exciting Gymnasts with a bright future ahead them and Its with special thanks to their Head Coach “Jay Scouler” having the knowledge and talent to bring the very best out of them both!  We wish them all lots of success in the future!